Neha Potnis

Really really liked it, definitely going to order again and recommend everyone to try!

The Kanelbulle is simply amazing! I heated them a bit as you had mentioned and the taste is so so addictive! The cardamom and cinnamon are perfectly balanced in the recipe, not at all overpowering! The buns were so soft and the sprinkle of sugar was like a cherry on the top! Really really liked it, definitely going to order again and recommend everyone to try!

gargee khare

It’s perfection, hands down!

Hey I absolutely loved te Kanelbulle! I had actually ordered them for my mother as she’s a fan of cinnamon and sweet breads and she absolutely LOVED it! I have never really liked cinnamon but after trying your Kanelbulle yesterday, I have definitely changed my mind! It’s perfection, hands down!

madhumita acharya

Absolutely loved ever single bite!

Hello! My family and I absolutely loved the Shokupan! CrustWorthy’s breads are something I’m always going to look forward to having over whenever we have any special occasion at my house. Absolutely loved ever single bite!

madhura rao

Feels like resting your head on the world’s coziest pillow!

I thought nothing could compare to CrustWorthy’s Focaccia but the Shokupan is even better! A soft but springy crumb and the rich sweetness of a good milk bread! Eating it feels like resting your head on the world’s coziest pillow!

sourabh dube

As good as Acme Bakery in Berkeley!

The Sourdough was absolutely superb! I’m not kidding, it was as good as Acme Bakery in Berkeley! Really good job! The density was perfect with just the right amount of ‘sour’ness. I travel to CERN, Switzerland regularly and this bread compares favourably to some of the best placed in Geneva, or Aosta Valley. Keep it up!

aniruddha patil

They just bake bread better.

If a few years ago (in fact even today) someone had told me that Navi Peth houses a speciality bakery that makes the Jewish Challah, the Japanese Shokupan, Bagels and Focaccia and that people can order in advance, sit back and enjoy the frshly baked beauties, I’d never have believed it! But it’s true! CrustWorthy should be among the most notable places that have opened in Pune in the recent times. We tried the dense yet just right amount of chewy Bagels, the soft, rich, braided Challah and the moist, delicious Shokupan – Absolutely superb and most importantly, exhibit the freshness of the dough used usually noticed in traditional Japanese and European bakeries! Very very happy to have found them! They just bake bread better.

madhura rao


CrustWorthy’s Focaccia just travelled over 150 kms to reach me to Mumbai and holy mother of bread, it is SO GOOD! Moist, airy crumb, a delightfully crunchy crust, and perfectly savoury! A Focaccia that can easily compare to some of the best ones I have had in Italy! Bravissimo!

Om Sahasrabuddhe

Absolutely loved every single bread!

Last week I ordered Kanelbullar, Focaccia and a Shokupan for us and my aunt to taste who is visiting us from New Zealand. She absolutely loved every single bread! She has been living in New Zealand for the last 15 years and has even lived in London for a couple of years, she said your Focaccia was one of the best she has had till date and can easily compare to one of the best bakeries anywhere! She’s going to order another batch of Kanelbullar to take along with her to New Zealand. Keep up the good work!

rini diwan

Found my bakery heaven in Pune!

I just received the Focaccia and the Kanelbullar and let me just say, I have definitely found my bakery heaven in Pune! Having lived in London, I missed the freshness of the breads but I can’t believe I finally got that today on my doorsteps! Thanks to you! I have never had the Kanelbullar earlier and it was simply amazing but your Focaccia was the best one I have had till date! It was super duper delicious! I am definitely going to stop baking myself the Focaccia now that I have found you guys! Keep up the good work!

gaargi pethe

Such a wholesome experience!

Firstly, it is really amazing to have such global varieties of breads available so easily in Pune. Secondly, it just made me want to try my hand at baking as well! The Shokupan’s sweet and soft, milky texture was just too delicious! And the Challah, just cannot get over its beauty! I tried many sandwich recipes with these two! Such a wholesome experience! Thank you so much!

vijay prabhu

Felt like we were transported to the best bakeries in Europe!

We tried all the breads and they were absolutely fantastic and droolworthy. But, the Focaccia was definitely the star of the evening and frankly speaking, I personally felt like we were transported to the best bakeries in Europe! I cannot describe the taste in my own words, really sublime and one of the best Focaccia we have ever had in India or even abroad! The smell, the taste, the texture, absolutely everything was spot on for the money! We enjoyed everything absolutely wholeheartedly!

karishma kaushik

Truly a class apart.

We LOVED the breads – they were delicious! Truly a class apart. Have sent two to my parents as well and they too had rave reviews. Truly, the Challah is a work of art. We are CrustWorthy’s customers for life!